Here you can get an information about web's news.

11.12.2012 | Updated chapter Cartoons

In article Cartoons it has added a joke about The end of the World in year 2012.

12.11.2012 | Updated chapter Links

In article Links it has added a few links to many emulators, especially the emulator Amiga (called UAE). This emulator is easy to install and configuration.

1.02.2012 | Updated chapter Old wives advice

In article Old wives advice learn how to properly clean your teeth or how to make old men be happy.

11.01.2012 | Updated chapter Acumens from life

About a small mistake of server in article Acumens from life.

11.01.2012 | Updated chapter A just truth

How it works behind the walls of the monastery can be found in article A just truth.

One picture say a thousand words, especially with very complex linking politicians and large Czech companies and their bosses, see the article A just truth.

The world is upside down, pouring the artificially derived citric acid into the tea, but polish is made ??of real lemon flavor, see article A just truth.

27.06.2011 | Updated chapter A just truth

A slightly different view of the universe and Eart's life than scientist, schools and media say, you can come to know in two articles A just truth a A just truth. The 3nd article A just truth interests in content of actual grocery.

05.08.2010 | Updated chapter My experiments

It was added an experiment of Tarot, Pendulum and Water witching to the article My experiments.

09.06.2010 | New chapter added

I have checked a magical power of pyramids. Results are in an article My experiments. Results of next experimets are coming soon.

25.05.2010 | New chapter added

I would like to share a lot of advices about health, curing,... with you, more in an article Old wives advice.

24.05.2010 | New chapter added

How to create a game without knowledge is described in an article Working in Game editor.

05.05.2010 | New chapter added

If you want to download a file from this web, you can visit an article Download. There is also information about size and last modification of file.

03.02.2010 | Updated chapter A just truth

A mystic story about tantric practise of Mohendžodáro gives a guidance how to behave in various life situations. More in an article A just truth.

01.02.2010 | Updated chapter A just truth

Jean Liedloffová (psychotherapist from USA) visited Indians Yequana of South American and she was fascinated their harmony and ability to be happy. More in an article A just truth.

27.01.2010 | Updated chapter A just truth

Answer a question: "Illnesses VS lobby of pharmaceutical companies" is in an article A just truth.

07.08.2009 | Updated chapter Games

It was added a new scrolling game Clown in an article Games.

17.04.2009 | New chapter added

If you want to write a script you can found an inspiration in an article We write a script. There is also information how to use program Microsoft Word to write this one in advanced level.

14.04.2009 | New chapter added

If you are interested in scripts you can read my scripts in an article Scripts.

20.03.2009 | New chapter added

I have created an article The literary works which is a finger-post to my literary works.

27.02.2009 | New chapter added

A little Poetry has harmed no body yet...

31.01.2009 | New chapter added

Would you like to make a game by PowerPointu, have a look at an article Game's creation by program PowerPoint.

21.12.2008 | PF 2009

Season's Greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year.

I created for You an adventure game in an application PowerPoint. Click on a link below to play or save a file to your PC. For playing this game is necessary to have installed the application PowerPoint.

Enjoy yourself!

Trosečník v1.3

In the range of a land
Dangerous cave

> trosecnik_v1.3.pps <

19.11.2008 | Updated chapter Stories

It was added two stories: TIR a Panelákové WC into the article Stories.

06.11.2008 | New chapter added

From time to time an interesting article is appeared in internet. In the article A just truth is available a list of the most interesting articles from internet.

17. October 2008 | New graphic face of this web is already here

From now this web runs in a new engine and with a new graphic face. Probably some older links on this page News and also links to this web on searching servers and will not be work correctly.

P.S.: the offer Start doesn't work under browser Internet Explorer 6 which does not support function hover for tags ul and li. However, same situation happens also under remaining browsers in case JavaScript off. You can use Web map.

21.08.2008 | Updated chapter Stories

Do rubriky Stories přibyly další tři příběhy: Svátek, Pátek odpoledne a Návrat domů. Ve všech případech se jedná o erotické povídky.

18.02.2008 | New chapter added

Watch my films in the new chapter Movies.

24.12.2007 | PF 2008

Season's Greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year.
If you click on Christmas card below, you can play a little game with PF 2008 topic, which I created for You.


20.11.2007 | Two new chapters added

Have a look at my pictures in chapter Graphics and my photos in chapter Photos. There are the best ones.

19.10.2007 | New chapter added

Have a look at a story Meteorite in the new chapter Animated cartoons.

14. September 2007 | New graphic face of this web coming soon

At the moment you can try a beta version of this web on

Please feel free to send me your opinions or comments. Email is located in page footer.

Following URL transfers you to the original web.

20.02.2007 | Přidána nová rubrika

Zkuste si zkomponovat nějakou skladbu na Vašem PC. Návod, jak na to, naleznete v rubrice Hudební kompozice.

12.02.2007 | Doplněna rubrika Vtipy

Do rubriky Vtipy jsem přidal několik nových fórků ze své tvorby. Pojďte si je přečíst a zasmát se.

26.01.2007 | Přidána nová rubrika

Zasmějte se humorným obrázkům v rubrice Kreslené vtipy.

23.11.2006 | Přidána nová rubrika

Pokud rádi čtete krátké povídky, nenechte si je ujít v rubrice Povídky.

28.07.2006 | Přidána nová rubrika

Pro zájemce o alternativní výuku (nejen) anglického jazyka jsem přidal rubriku ICQ trochu jinak.

24.05.2006 | Doplněna rubrika Postřehy ze života

Rubrika Postřehy ze života byla doplněna o několik zajímavostí z Japonska.

23.05.2006 | Přidáno počitadlo přístupů

Počitadlo přístupů naleznete pod levým menu.

22.05.2006 | Přidán kontakt na mail

Jelikož na stránkách není kniha návštěv, umístil jsem pro Vaše případné návrhy a komentáře do zápatí kontakt na email. Naleznete ho též v rubrice O autorovi.

04.05.2006 | Doplněna rubrika Jste tu poprvé

Rubrika Jste tu poprvé byla doplněna o radu co dělat, když nefunguje odkaz na soubor.

03.05.2006 | Přidána nová rubrika

Pro začínající programátory her jsem přidal rubriku Tvorba her.

02.05.2006 | Přidána nová rubrika

Pro pařany jsem přidal rubriku Hry.

30.03.2006 | Založen tento Web

Podklady pro tento web jsem dával dohromady téměř dva měsíce. Nakonec se to podařilo a web existuje. Výsledek si můžete prohlédnout sami. Jsem přesvědčen, že informace na tomto webu Vám pomohou.

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