Are you here the first time?

Are you here the first time?

Introductory page informs you about news.

A couple words about genesis of chapters on the web

Many times it's happened me that I needed an information and so I used internet to find it. But there is horrible havoc of information. That's why I created this web with sorted information to easy use in the future.

Exception is articles Commodore C64 and emulators which was created from nostalgia and it made me establish this web.

Page optimization for any browser

This web is optimized for following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and later

  • Opera 9.0 and later

  • Internet Explorer 7.0 and later

In another browsers it could be happened trivial differences. For example: a shifted picture of background, not working offer Start (for more detail see a following paragraph) and so on.

Web orientation


For main navigation there is an upper ledge with the offer Start where is a listing of all chapters. Unfortunately, this menu doesn't work under browser Internet Explorer 6 which does not support function hover for tags ul and li. However, same situation happens also under remaining browsers in case JavaScript off. You can use Web map.
Further there is situated button ?. It's help. After click you are redirected to this page.

Articles are divided into 3 groups in the offer Start:

  • How to do - there are a lot of tips for you that dont use your PC only for playing PC games but also for programming, study, etc. I'm sure that everybody from you should be able to understand information in this section because the articles are written for laics.

    This section was created for me as online manual cos' I forget so quickly. smile_fun.jpg

  • My works - no need comment.

  • Misc - links, visit book and a few words of author.

Orientation in the big chapters

Summary of chapter is placed at its beginning.
At the end of chapter is link to summary.
If information is sorted by date, the newest clause is on the top.

Behaviour of links

If your mouse cursor is located over operating link, color of link is changed and cursor is appeared as hand.
Warning: Visited link has same color as not visited one.

After click by left button on:

  • link to file - contextual window appeares with choice to save or run a file (if it's runnig file).

  • link to server - page is displayed in new window of your browser. If you use browser Mozilla Firefox or another advanced ones, you can press a middle button (rolling wheel) to open page on the new panel of your browser.

What to do if link to file does not work

If link to file does not work, please use one of many search servers (,, As a keyword use a name of desired file without number of version. Search enginea find you homepage of desired file or another web with same one.

Example: to find file MinGW-3.1.0-1.exe use just word MinGW.

Meaning of frames with icons

Supplemented information of chapter's theme.

Tip or recommended information to given theme.


Notice before frequently making faults which you should avoid them.

What do colourfully highlighted words mean

What does an icon by link mean

dollar.jpg - it's paid program.

en_flag.bmp - page is in the English language (or in another language, see national flag).

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